World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy opens the call for a new flight instructor course FI (H). The course aims to train holders of a helicopter license to safely instruct pilots or pilot students.

On this occasion the training will take place from January 18 at the facilities of the flight school in Madrid, located at the Cuatro Vientos Airport. The purpose of this course is to train holders of a helicopter pilot license up to the level necessary to be able to safely instruct pilots or pilot students, for the issuance, revalidation or renewal of all those powers of which they are holders based on their experience and ratings in accordance with the provisions of the EASA regulations FCL.905.FI.

This program is designed to show the importance of FI as a key element in security through the teaching of theoretical knowledge, skills and attitudes. To do this, the applicant will be trained in the methodological teaching techniques applied both in theoretical knowledge and in flight exercises, and finally in ensuring that the applicant has a high flight standard to carry out the function of a flight instructor with safety. .

Course content

Instruction in teaching and learning techniques – 25 hours
In this part the applicant will be instructed in the theoretical concepts on which the student’s learning process is based, the methodology and the teaching techniques that every instructor must possess in order to be able to instruct effectively.

Theoretical knowledge instruction -100 hours

In this instruction the student is taught all the necessary concepts to carry out the instruction of the future pilot students and that will be put into practice in the flight part.

Flight instruction – Basic Stage – 15 hours

The objective of this first stage is to instruct the student, giving him the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to execute the flight maneuvers knowing the main nuances of the teaching, especially emphasizing the most common mistakes of the students in their flight principles.

Flight instruction – Advanced Stage – 15 hours

The objective of this stage is to instruct the student to be able to prepare and properly impart a practical session acting as instructor. You should also know the criteria when qualifying the corresponding sessions and the need to establish for each session a briefing before the flight and a post-briefing once finished.

Entry requirements / Documentation

EASA PPL (H) / CPL (H) License

Class I medical certificate
Having completed a minimum of 100 flight hours as PIC
Have completed a minimum of 250 flight hours before starting the course
Having completed a minimum of 20 hours of cross-country as a PIC
Have completed a minimum of 10 hours of instruction in instrumental flight (5hrs can be in simulator)

Course price

Madrid: € 15,000 *

* Regulated training exempt from VAT