If you are looking to train as an airline pilot, commercial or private, World Aviation Flight Academy gives you the opportunity. At WA we offer you a wide range of airline pilot courses so that you can obtain your EASA licence and work in this exciting world. Our pilot school has several locations where you can train: Cuatro Vientos Airport (Madrid), Malaga International Airport (Malaga).


If you wish turn your passion into a hobby and fly a light aircraft whenever you want, the Private Pilot licence is for you. With it you can rent a light aircraft or have your own to enjoy incredible experiences and trips with friends and family as a pilot for leisure or sport flights.

If, on the other hand, your dream is to fly large commercial airliners, moving tons of cargo at the controls of an A-380, your licence, without a doubt, is the Airline Transport Pilot Licence, a career that you will forge by overcoming different stages of the Frozen ATPL course such as the Commercial Pilot Licence CPL, Multi-Engine + IR certification, VFR-N, or MCC among other courses, until you reach the planned objective, to become a Professional Airline Pilot.

8 reasons why you should become a commercial pilot

Being able to become a commercial pilot will help you to travel all over the world, enriching you personally with different cultures and experiences, and on top of that you will get a salary for it.

Taking off one day from a city, from a country and landing in another and being able to spend several nights in new places is one of the greatest advantages of this profession. You will live unforgettable experiences.

No other sector can compare to the views from a flight deck in the clouds, being a perpetual view that pilots never tire of, being able to observe from an endless blue sky to a storm in the middle of an ocean. 

Being a pilot is more than a vocation, it is the passion to fulfill a dream, flying at the controls of a commercial aircraft is a dream job. A career with a long trajectory where you can achieve goals by fulfilling different stages in your professional training, where you will have to make a large number of decisions.

In the coming years, the commercial aviation industry is expected to face a significant shortage of commercial pilots due to the increase in global flying. Organizations such as IATA estimate that the number of passengers could double in the next 20 years, reaching 7.8 billion worldwide. For this reason, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, the American company Boeing, estimates in its forecast study that airlines will need some 600,000 new pilots by around 2038. 

No one in the world likes to take their work home, once you put the parking brake on and disembark your passenger or cargo aircraft you have nothing more to worry about. There will be nothing left to do once the cabin door is closed but rest until the next flight. 

A great advantage of being a commercial pilot, where every day is different from the previous one and most likely different from tomorrow. It’s not the typical 9 to 17 hours without getting up from an office. Every day you will see a new place surrounded by new people.

Being a pilot means never stopping to learn, having to be always updated and up to date with the different procedures and regulations involved in each air operation. Every day can present us with a new and exciting challenge, making us better pilots every day.

Being a commercial pilot provides the opportunity to have a career of constant personal and professional growth. Having highly competitive salaries and being able to progress professionally and having important social, medical and family benefits that guarantee a great welfare.

Perhaps the most important point, make your work life your passion, so you will never work another day in your life.

How much does it cost to become a commercial airline pilot?

Here we have an obligation to be transparent. The career to become a commercial aviation pilot involves a great financial commitment on the part of the interested party. For this reason, it requires total and responsible dedication as we are talking about a highly competitive and demanding sector.

The final price may vary depending on the route chosen to achieve the proposed goal of flying a commercial aircraft for a particular airline. In addition, the final cost is likely to be increased by the need for a specific type rating in order to be eligible for a job advertisement.

It is here, at this point, where it is very important to make a deep market analysis of the different schools, assessing very well and carefully what each of them offers you. Therefore, we ask you not to be guided only by prices. Gather as much information as possible. Talk to students who are studying at that moment, instructors and collect any reference in terms of flight hours, teaching hours, total fleet, own maintenance, availability to fly, different bases and simulators, among other important aspects that can help you in the analysis you should make.

Despite the financial effort, you should bear in mind that the profession of pilot is a profession with a great economic projection and an excellent medium and long term career future.

The approximate cost of obtaining a Frozen ATPL will depend on the option chosen and the path to follow.

  • The average price of the Commercial Airline Pilot Course, whether it is a Modular Programme or an Integrated Programme, is around 70.000€, depending on the school chosen to study it with its different variants and alternatives.
  • The long cycle with the university degree has a higher cost, which can exceed €120,000.
  • The cost of obtaining an A320 or B737 type rating, currently the most in demand, is around €18,000.


We offer a range of airline pilot courses and ratings in which you can acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge to obtain your pilot’s licence or take the next step to specialise in the aeronautical sector.


All pilots must demonstrate their communication skills in English. Within our training offer, we have courses in aeronautical english with which you will be able to train and obtain the ICAO Certificate in linguistic competence required by the authorities.

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