Finance your training

Pilot training is a financial investment that requires prior planning. For this reason, at World Aviation Flight Academy we offer different financial aid and financing possibilities through multiple banks to be able to complete the chosen course.

Our Financing Department will explain the different financing options for your pilot course and will advise you step by step on the most suitable programme according to your characteristics.

At World Aviation Flight Academy we don’t want money to be a barrier to fulfilling your dream, that’s why we help you take the next step in your training.

In addition to the loans and grants provided by the public administrations, we have made advantageous agreements with different FINANCIAL ENTITIES*.

Check the conditions of the different financing options and choose the one that best suits your needs through the following links:


Leading independent financial platform in Spain with more than 15 entities connected with a common goal: to make training accessible.

Loans for students of Spanish nationality or resident in Spain.

The student loan application process will be done through a bank branch. For more information, please contact the financing team:

* The information provided by the World Aviation Flight Academy on the financing requested is for guidance only and can in no case be considered as a binding offer or pre-approval of conditions. The decision on the granting and formalisation of the financing requested is the sole responsibility of the bank, complying with all the requirements requested by the bank.