ICAO language proficiency in English

English is the international language in aviation as it is the one used in international flights for all communications throughout the whole operation. For this, having a good level on aeronautical English is essential to be a Commercial Pilot .

It is also important to be quite fluent and feel comfortable with it as it is  the language required in any job interview.

At present, according to regulations, in order to obtain your full Commercial Pilot License you must pass the English language proficiency test, where the following six points will be evaluated:

  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar and structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension of message
  • Interaction
Inglés Aeronáutico OACI

Structure of icao english test

This aeronautical English test does NOT evaluate operational skills or technical knowledge specific to flight operations.

The duration of the ICAO English test is, approximately, 30 minutes and consists of three different parts.

If you do not understand the test structure, ask before the exam begins.

Part A - Face to face interaction

You will be asked about your professional life and you must be able to speak about it.

Part B / No visual contact

Two different audio samples (with no visual contact) will be played. You must answer specific questions related to the audio content and, also, will be asked to talk about what you have understood from the recording. Each recording will be played just once.  Notes are allowed.

Part C / Face to face interaction

An image on aviation topic will be shown.  You will have 20 seconds to look at the photograph before you are asked to  speak after related questions.

The test will be recorded on audio or video media for subsequent evaluation. All notes and recordings are confidential and will be treated according to the applicable law on the Protection of Personal Data…

ICAO English levels and validity

ICAO regulations require English proficiency levels for all pilots on international routes. The rating validity  will depend on the level obtained:

  • Level 4 Operational – 4 years.
  • Level 5 Advanced – 6 years.
  • Level 6 Expert – Indefinite.

Frequently asked questions

The price of our Aeronautical English Exam is 170€.

You can consult the price of this exam as well as our entire training offer, broken down by the different modalities and possible combinations, in the section > Prices.

The examination may be carried out in any approved examination centre.
Preparing well for the Aeronautical English exam is essential if the aim is to become an airline pilot. Choosing one of the best examination centers where you will be helped and guided to pass the exam with succes is crucial. World Aviation has a methodology that complies with all international regulations requirements.

 Contact us for more information.

Since 2011, it is  mandatory  for all pilots on international routes  to obtain their official language qualification.

The legislation sets maximum renewal deadlines (indicated above) but not minimum. Thus, it is possible to take a new exam  a few months before the actual qualification expires  without prejudice to what appears in the license annotation. What’s more, it is advisable to repeat the test whenever we think our language level has improved as it could result in an extension of the renewal period.

Obtain the English ICAO language proficiency certificate

World Aviation Flight Academy, in our Madrid-Cuatro Vientos airport centre, offers the possibility of taking the official Aeronautical English exam to obtain the language proficiency certificate (up to the highest ICAO level 6) required to operate international flights, both commercial and private.

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