The Pilot School World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy opens the call for a new CPL (H) Integrated Helicopter Commercial Pilot course.

The course, with 350 hours of theoretical instruction and 135 hours of flight, is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and experience to obtain a European flight license that allows him to work as a professional Helicopter Pilot.

The course begins during the month of October in the training center of World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy at the Malaga-Costa del Sol International Airport, although it will also be carried out in training areas and additional classrooms in Marbella and Veléz-Málaga / La Axarquía . In this way, students will have the advantage of learning to operate in different aerodromes, from regional airports to a busy international airport. They will also be able to know the characteristic flight conditions of the Costa del Sol, including the flight in mountain areas. “Learn to fly or consolidate training as a helicopter pilot in the South of Spain provides a very complete experience for the student-pilot” says the commercial manager.

The duration of the CPL (H) Integrated Helicopter Commercial Pilot course is twelve and eighteen months. It includes theoretical instruction in classes from Monday to Friday, flight practices, manuals, fees and administrative management of the license as well as the corresponding type of qualification. “We carry out a very personalized training, the schedules of the classes are developed based on an established schedule but adapted to the needs of the future pilots, since we are aware of the need to be able to make the training compatible with other activities. At all times the students have the advice of our teachers “says Ville Laaksonen.