Considered as an exciting activity, for adventurous and restless spirits who, in most cases, live with a great passion: flying, the profession of pilot resurfaces with its usual halo of prestige and recognition.

After the stagnation of the pilot market caused by the economic crisis and due to a massive retirement, the need to cover these losses together with the new EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulation that forces a large part of operations to be carried out with two crew members, have generated a strong demand that must be met.

However, being a pilot entails a great responsibility and you need to develop certain skills so when deciding where to train you have to know how to choose.

World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy, a school run by professionals with more than 25 years in the aviation sector, is specialized in training helicopter pilots, being the only school with bilingual training in Spain, with a wide variety of courses ranging from pilot Private (PPL) to Instructor courses (FI, TRI). To do this, it has international instructors with extensive experience in training new pilots as well as rescue work, fire fighting, aerial work or commercial flights that provide a personalized teaching adapted to their needs. Currently, the Flight Instructor Course promotion (FI-H) 2017 is in its final phase, with an unprecedented number of students.

The school has several training centers in different locations in Spain, strategically located: Madrid – “Cuatro Vientos”, Malaga – “International Airport of Málaga” and Gerona (airport and private heliport in “Platja D’aro”), the latter in approval phase, which allows covering a greater geographical coverage when choosing. In all of them, an ideal training camp is offered for students to face scenarios that they will find in the exercise of the profession, flying both in international airports and congested areas or complex operations.

In recent months, the fleet has been extended with the acquisition of new helicopters specially designed for training, while two simulator centers have been incorporated under the WORLD AVIATION SIMULATORS brand, located in Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat, where A320 airline commercial aircraft type ratings and training in simulators (FBS) of models B737, ATR, CRJ, MD, CITATION, B200 and DASH8, among others, may be taken.

Likewise, the school offers training for Dron pilots (UAV) with specialized instructors and state-of-the-art aircraft, having a volume of students that makes it the leading center in Spain.

It should also be noted that its new maintenance workshop, under the name World Aviation Maintenance at the “Cuatro Vientos” aerodrome, completes this airline services and aeronautical training company whose main objective is to train professional and competent pilots, and in which The passion to fly is only overcome by the spirit of reaching the highest levels of security in all its operations.

If your dream is to fly, WORLD AVIATION FLIGHT ACADEMY with its modern facilities, professional experts and unbeatable surroundings, will turn your learning into a hobby.