Requirements to become a pilot


If you dream of flying an airplane and you are a person with a good sense of responsibility , fond of teamwork, capable of staying calm in times of stress and able to quickly adapt to different situations, you already have most of what is  necessary to make that dream come true.

There are no criteria prescribed for starting  pilot training. However, you must be mature enough, both physically and mentally, to be able to demonstrate the knowledge and aptitudes required to enter this  exciting profession.

What skills do you need to become a pilot?

One of the main abilities a good pilot must have is knowing how to handle difficult situations with assertiveness while transmitting tranquility to the team he/she leads. Besides a leadership capacity, the pilot in command , who is the main responsible for everything in the airplane, must have good communication skills and a high level of empathy in order to reach all team members in a correct manner so the flight operation evolves in a safe way. Also, being the decision making and a quick adaptation to different scenarios a daily matter,  an essential virtue for a good leadership is the ability to  delegate and give the correspondent responsibilities to the rest of the team so they are capable of safely proceed with the flight operation in case he/she is temporarily absent, either because is resting or indisposed. This creates a good team spirit and increases the motivation of the rest of the crew who may now develop their own skills and knowledge.

On the other hand, in these changing times that technology moves so fast, a very important aptitude to become an airplane pilot is the ability to learn and quickly comprehend the new technologies, instruments and procedures he/she will find along his/her career.

requisitos para ser piloto comercial

Main requirements to become a pilot

The only mandatory requirements to start training to become an airplane pilot in Spain is to have a minimum height of 1’57 cm and to be, at least, 17 years old as the minimum age to take exams is 18.

At the same time, a bachelor’s degree is not necessary although you will need a good comprehension of maths and physics along with a proper spatial vision that will be very helpful to read maps and flight charts as well as to identify places and objects under different circumstances and scenarios.

 All the same, a condition sine qua non to obtain your commercial pilot license is to pass a medical checkup Class 1. One of the tests in this examination is the Color Perception Test that will detect if you have some degree of colour blindness. Even though colour blindness is not a disabling condition, it might be a reason to prevent you from entering this profession unless you overcome the Advanced Colour Tests that qualifies you with Safe Vision. However, if your qualification is Unsafe Vision, you still can fly as a private pilot with some restrictions such as only at daylight and with no instruments.

In addition , it is also necessary to demonstrate  an Advanced English knowledge or its equivalent C2. This level can be achieved  during the course,  so you must not worry if yours is not as good as required when you start training.

requisitos para ser piloto de avion

How can you train to become a plane pilot?

Flying a plane is a task that requires a very specialized  apprentice which you will only achieve in an authorized school – ATO (Authorized Training Organization). These training centers are subject to frequent and rigorous inspections to keep the approval to provide such training. These supervisions affect  their management, operations and training manuals as well as their facilities (class rooms, simulators…) and aircrafts in order to certify that everything complies with the requirements established by the AESA (Air Security Estate Agency) so they can continue their activity. Only in these centers which are approved by the competent authority, will you find the training that guarantees you to prove knowledge before the same.  

For all this, choosing the appropriate school that provides you the best training to become the pilot you want to be, is crucial. WA Flight Academy offers you  a wide range of courses given in our modern facilities, with state-of-the-art aircrafts suitable  for each course and delivered by highly qualified instructors who will help and guide you throughout  your  entire training process.

WA Flight Academy has the suitable aircraft models for each training and license type, according with the AESA requirements. All the same, our facilities comply with all the characteristics required to get the training approval,  even our own simulators.

Which course should I start with?

WA Flight Academy offers a broad range of possibilities. It only depends on the working future you have in mind.

Within our proposal you can find different courses, starting with the PPL (Private Pilot License)  perfect to initiate in this world if you still don’t have any license. Once you achieve this title, with which you will be able to fly in private operations, that means with no remuneration, you will be ready to start the CPL course (Commercial Pilot License). This certificate entitles you to act as pilot in command or first officer in operations different than those of commercial air transport; as pilot in command in operations of commercial air transport in single pilot aircrafts, subject to the actual restrictions or as first officer in commercial air transport also subject to the restrictions specified in the regulations. The CPL will be your springboard to the ATPL (Air Transport Pilot License) that enables you to work in any airline. All the same, for those students who combine their instruction with a job, the ATPL FROZEN program has been developed in such a way so as to provide greater flexibility in the training process.

estudios para ser piloto de avion

All our courses comply with the requirements established by the competent authority and are developed in several scenarios where you will experience all different situations you may find in a real flight. Our flight school in Cuatro Vientos – Madrid offers many of the characteristics of a big airport as it combines a congested airspace with open terrain , ideal for a complete training experience. All the same, in our base in Málaga we can find various settings that provide excellent flight practices.

Whatever your choice is, WA will help you to achieve your goal. We look forward to seeing you!!

Our pilot school works for the professional excellence of each student.
We are accompanied by instructors with more than 20 years of experience and state-of-the-art aircraft.

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