The profession of pilot is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and professional jobs out there. For all those who want to be a Helicopter Pilot, they must obtain a private license or if they want to work in the sector, they must obtain a commercial license.

The Private Helicopter Pilot license or PPL (H) will allow you to fly helicopters, for recreational and recreational purposes, as pilot in command or co-pilot always without remuneration, participating in non-commercial operations, throughout the territory of the EU and other countries, validating this license.

It is a good way to get started in this exciting sector and to be able to consider it as a first phase to become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot and later to be able to apply for a professional pilot position.

The Helicopter Commercial Pilot License or CPL (H) will allow you to fly aircraft as a professional pilot in command or co-pilot on commercial paid flights throughout the EU or in other countries, validating this license.

With this program we prepare the student with the technical knowledge and practical training necessary to obtain the Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CPL-H) recognized by EASA I European Aviation Safety Agency, in a professional field under VFR flight conditions. In addition, the pilot can be admitted as an ab-initio student or as a holder of a PPL (H) license.

Therefore, if what you are looking for is to learn to pilot and fly on your own, you have to do the Private Helicopter Pilot course but if what you are looking for is a professional career and work as a pilot you must do the Commercial Helicopter Pilot. course.

Now the next step will be to evaluate the necessary requirements to start the corresponding course.

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  • Be at least 18 years of age for the business license. In the case of the PPL (H) 16 years at the beginning of the flight phase.
  • N.I. / Valid passport
  • Pass the necessary medical exam, class 1 for the Commercial Helicopter Pilot course, this being the most restrictive certificate. In the case of the PPL (H) it will be the class 2 exam, which is less restrictive, but you must also be physically and mentally able to exercise the corresponding license.
  • Those that may additionally be established by AESA-State Air Safety Agency.
  • In the case of the Commercial Helicopter Pilot course, demonstrate in an access test that you have sufficient knowledge of mathematics, physics and English, in order to ensure, to a certain extent, the understanding of the theoretical knowledge that will be taught.



The next step will be to choose the most suitable pilot school for you. This is an important decision, so take the time to evaluate different options.

Check out our article “How to choose a Pilot School?”, Where we give you some advice and important data to evaluate. Regarding the price, on the one hand keep in mind that it varies depending on the type rating you choose and on the other, that all schools have more or less the same prices for both the private and commercial license, that is why it is important that Evaluate other types of qualities: personalized attention, type of aircraft, flexibility with students, training centers, among others.



We have prepared an informative dossier with a breakdown of the theoretical and practical part for both licenses. Review it carefully and any questions, we will be at your disposal.

350 hours of theoretical training and 135 hours of training flight will be carried out

  • Private Helicopter Pilot: The approximate duration is about 5 months, although it depends on the availability of the students and weather conditions. Likewise, if the applicant has a flight license (airplane, ultralight, glider, etc.), the duration of the course may be reduced.

    There will be 113 hours of theoretical training and 45 hours of training flight

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When the student has successfully passed the exams, for which they have to get more than 70% correct, the next step will be to do good hours, since like everything else, the more practice, the better prepared we will be.

Once our Integrated Helicopter Commercial Pilot Course, you will be able to work as a professional pilot in observation and patrol flights, aerial filming and photography, air taxi, tourist flights and advertising, among other options. You will also be able to compare it with other options in external cargo, fire and rescue operations.

An important step to later consider applying for the Airline Transportation Pilot degree, thanks to the different programs within the academic offerings offered by the World Aviation Flight Academy.

Our pilot school works for the professional excellence of each student.
We are accompanied by instructors with more than 20 years of experience and state-of-the-art aircraft.

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