Airplane Courses in Madrid and Malaga 2020 | World Aviation

At World Aviation Flight Academy we offer you a wide range of airplane courses:

PPL-A Course aimed at obtaining the Private Airplane Pilot license in accordance with the European EASA-FCL regulations and recognized by AESA.

CPL-A Course aimed at obtaining the EASA CPL-A Commercial Airplane Pilot license.

ATPL-A Course aimed at training the student to progress in his aeronautical career to be the Commander of the Airline of Passenger Transport (ATPL).

IR Course (MEP) aimed at obtaining the necessary licenses to fly under Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR) associated with Multi-Engine Aircraft (MEP).

N-VFR Course aimed at obtaining the Night Visual Flight Rating (N-VFR). This rating allows pilots to operate safely at night.

The A320 Type Rating prepares the applicant to pass the level tests, exams and proficiency checks with the level required by the authority.

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