Advanced & Mission Training:

World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy offers Advanced Mission Training as a way of enhancing your skills and to provide further options for work as a Professional Helicopter Pilot. Available training includes:

Instrument Flying

Your PPL(H) syllabus includes five hours of basic simulated instrument flying, to prepare you for inadvertent flight in poor visibility or cloud. Having ample experience in instrumental flight (IFR) is an important factor in selecting flight personnel and guarantees an increased level of safety in any type of flight.

Night Flying

The pre-requirements are to have completed at least 100 hours of flight time after issue of the PPL(H), including 60 hours Pilot in Command and 20 hours cross-country flight. The night rating course is 5 hours ground school and 5 hours flying, including 3 hours duel and 5 solo night.

Off-shore Operations Training:

Specific offshore training focusing on operations around the oilrigs in all weather conditions including IMC approaches and Cat.A and JAR Ops 3 procedures.

Search and Rescue (SAR) Training:

These complex missions can be simulated in realistic all weather conditions day and night, and by using a 4 axis autopilot.

VIP Flights Training:

This course is a multipurpose flight training which combined the different types of flight a pilot may encounter (Rooftop, Deck operations, IR, emergencies). Pilots must be able to perform any flight in total safety with the best efficiency.

Emergency medical Services Training (EMS):

Specific training for medevac missions from Rooftop, helipad and cross roads operations. NVG can also be included in this course. Deck Operations training in 3D sea, including daytime and night-time deck landing in realistic sea state.