World Aviation Helicopters will be present at Marbella Luxury Weekend

World Aviation Helicopters will make a helicopter flight exhibition within the activities programmed by the Marbella Luxuy Weekend organization that was presented today by the municipal delegate of Tourism, Javier Porcuna and the promoter of the event, Miguel Gómez. Marbella Luxury Weekend will be held in Puerto Banús between June 2 and 4.

Porcuna has highlighted “the importance of the luxury sector and exclusivity for Marbella, representing this offer a great showcase for the city.”

For his part, Miguel Gómez has ensured that for three days “the municipality will become the epicenter of luxury in Europe” and stressed that Marbella “is the Andalusian city that monopolizes more brands and luxury establishments, being after Barcelona the Spanish city that more income obtains for this concept “.

In the program of activities highlights the Marbella Luxury Forum, which will take place on June 2, at the Goya Theater Cinemas of Puerto Banús. The forum, which will be held under the Ibero-American Cities Forum, will have a plenary session format in which the various personalities and professionals will give their point of view on the challenges facing the luxury sector.

The event will begin at 9.30 am with the official inauguration by the mayor, José Bernal, among other authorities. The day will continue with the presentations ‘Talent and sensory management in luxury services’, by the general director of Les Roches, Carlos Díez de la Lastra; and ‘The art symbol of excellence’, on the part of the director of the Contemporary Art Center, Fernando Francés.

It will be followed by the presentations ‘The city and the emotions’, by the mobility expert and public spaces José Luis Cañavate; and ‘Components for a city object of desire’, by the architect José Antonio Granero.

Likewise, a golf table and other presentations will be held such as ‘The Spanish taxation of expatriates as a mechanism to encourage foreign investment of high purchasing power’, by the president of Global UHY, Bernard Fay, and the senior director of the company, Immaculate Domecq; ‘The artificial intelligence revolution’, co-founder of Greubel Forsey, Stephen Forsey; and ‘Core-more world introduction of a luxury brand’, by Core Mas Ceo, Mark Sanders.

The day is completed with the presentations ‘CasaClub, locomotive tourism, luxury and positioning of the city of Marbella’, by the Vice President of the CasaClub, Luis Marín; ‘Disruptive economy’, in charge of the Ceo of R-2 Group, Juan del Río; and the interventions of the founder of HYT, Lucien Vouillamoz and the CEO of La Maison Pianegonda, Franco Pianegonda.

The program of Marbella Luxury Weekend is completed with musical performances, model passes on the only aquatic catwalk in Europe and gourmet events.

Among the musical performances include Brass Band, Hula Hula, Michel Fadel, Alvaro Mur, a flamenco flash mob, Charlotte and Guitar Slide Show. There will also be model passes by Ecaille, Abed Mahfouz, Maldito Sweet, MDA Deluxe Editio and Glamor Hunter Luxury Courture and a helicopter flight display by Worldaviation.

The shortage of pilots worries airlines and builders

While the number of flights has been multiplying for four years, even at the double digit rate in the summer season, air workers do not do so at the same pace or in the same proportion. The sector is short of cash and this shortage, as international as the journeys of most of the companies, is noticeable in Spain and may compromise the future demand of the airlines.

Drivers, flight attendants and pilots are professions with deficits although, due to different circumstances and their particularities, not all are currently among the most demanded within the sector. Specifically in the case of pilots, in Spain only 6,433 people are licensed to fly a commercial aircraft, according to a report prepared by the business news agency

The State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) reports that during the past year commercial pilots with ATPL (Airline Transport) license -both for airplanes and helicopters- in Spain grew by only 2.6%. And, nevertheless, those who studied studies aimed at obtaining the degree of commercial piloting took all the positions available in the Spanish aeronautical schools.

According to the agency, the 2016 Airport World Traffic Forecast report from the Airports Council (ACI) will require at least 112,000 new professionals in the next 20 years, at an annual rate of almost 6,000 new pilots to meet the growth of air traffic. According to this global need, Spain should incorporate 1,120 pilots, since it takes 19% of the passenger traffic of the EU, according to Eurostat.

However, to reach this figure the pilot schools should increase their capacity fivefold, since only 228 pilots obtained the license in 2016 in our country, after two years of training. This number, according to the report of is insufficient to cover both the future needs of airlines and those of pilot schools where they obtain accreditation. The reason is that the existing professionals (in 2016 were 985 active instructors) should be divided between the airlines and the schools. Therefore, according to the agency, manufacturers and airports confirm that it is necessary to train more than 1,000 new pilots a year in Spain.

The aircraft builders Boeing and Airbus also foresee a shortage of professionals in air transport. Both estimate that traffic will grow above 4.5% until 2035 and that in Europe it will increase more than 3.5%. The American manufacturer was already collecting in its Pilot and Technical Forecast that between 2017 and 2035 it will require 617,000 new professionals; in particular, 104,000 for Europe and 1,098 for Spain. Meanwhile, the Global Market Forecast 2016-2035 of the European Airbus consortium expects the number of pilots to double in this time frame, which would mean the incorporation of 250,000 for 40,000 aircraft with more than 100 seats. In this way, the annual demand for pilots worldwide would reach 30,000 per year.

The increase of air traffic must be added an important factor: retirement. Last year 68 pilots retired in Spain. The renewal of the staff may not have been particularly significant so far, but it will increase in the next five years. This problem will be especially pressing on US airlines.

Published: Elmundo. es – Article by Silvia Fernández

World Aviation Flight Academy: vision of the future

Considered as an exciting activity, for adventurous and restless spirits who, in most cases, live with a great passion: flying, the profession of pilot resurfaces with its usual halo of prestige and recognition.

After the stagnation of the pilot market caused by the economic crisis and due to a massive retirement, the need to cover these losses together with the new EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulation that forces a large part of operations to be carried out with two crew members, have generated a strong demand that must be met.

However, being a pilot entails a great responsibility and you need to develop certain skills so when deciding where to train you have to know how to choose.

World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy, a school run by professionals with more than 25 years in the aviation sector, is specialized in training helicopter pilots, being the only school with bilingual training in Spain, with a wide variety of courses ranging from pilot Private (PPL) to Instructor courses (FI, TRI). To do this, it has international instructors with extensive experience in training new pilots as well as rescue work, fire fighting, aerial work or commercial flights that provide a personalized teaching adapted to their needs. Currently, the Flight Instructor Course promotion (FI-H) 2017 is in its final phase, with an unprecedented number of students.

The school has several training centers in different locations in Spain, strategically located: Madrid – “Cuatro Vientos”, Malaga – “International Airport of Málaga” and Gerona (airport and private heliport in “Platja D’aro”), the latter in approval phase, which allows covering a greater geographical coverage when choosing. In all of them, an ideal training camp is offered for students to face scenarios that they will find in the exercise of the profession, flying both in international airports and congested areas or complex operations.

In recent months, the fleet has been extended with the acquisition of new helicopters specially designed for training, while two simulator centers have been incorporated under the WORLD AVIATION SIMULATORS brand, located in Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat, where A320 airline commercial aircraft type ratings and training in simulators (FBS) of models B737, ATR, CRJ, MD, CITATION, B200 and DASH8, among others, may be taken.

Likewise, the school offers training for Dron pilots (UAV) with specialized instructors and state-of-the-art aircraft, having a volume of students that makes it the leading center in Spain.

It should also be noted that its new maintenance workshop, under the name World Aviation Maintenance at the “Cuatro Vientos” aerodrome, completes this airline services and aeronautical training company whose main objective is to train professional and competent pilots, and in which The passion to fly is only overcome by the spirit of reaching the highest levels of security in all its operations.

If your dream is to fly, WORLD AVIATION FLIGHT ACADEMY with its modern facilities, professional experts and unbeatable surroundings, will turn your learning into a hobby.