The European Aviation Safety Agency has already finalized its legislation on drone operation

The European Aviation Safety Agency is preparing for the future that will allow the coexistence of manned and unmanned aircraft in the airspace with the imminent approval of the regulation of regulation of this type of aircraft.

The European Parliament’s Transport Commission last week voted more than 1100 amendments aimed at strengthening the new “Basic Regulation” proposed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The result has been a tightening of drone safety standards, tighter procedures for the coordinated oversight of safety by national aeronautical authorities, and a new article that obliges the Agency to address the way in which Socio-economic factors can affect safety factors.

These measures have been adopted with the aim of establishing a solid basis for a future dialogue between the Council of Transport Ministers of the European Commission, which is expected at the beginning of 2017.

In the words of Commander Dirk Polloczek, President of the European Cockpit Association (ECA): “With this vote, EU parliamentarians show that they take seriously the need for EASA to be ready for the next decade.”

Regarding the drones, Polloczek added that “this is crucial because our skies will be more crowded in the future, since new operators – like drones – will proliferate in the airspace. Therefore, we are particularly pleased with the establishment of safety standards for drone operations, which include the requirement of a pilot license for unmanned aircraft for commercial operations. This is good news, since the proposal of the European Commission lacked content. The Committee of Transport has taken into account the joint point of view of the interested parties, so that the unmanned aircraft develop their full potential and integrate safely in the airspace, that is, without endangering the manned aircraft. ” .

Philip von Schöppenthau, General Secretary of ECA, took the floor to analyze the employment situation in the sector, “the security risks associated with new and opaque business models, atypical forms of employment such as” zero hours “contracts , self-employment or the systems that make pilots pay to fly, they need an urgent and comprehensive treatment that encourages EASA to adopt a key role in this matter “.

On the other hand, von Schöppenthau argued that “we celebrate the great support of all the parties to a new article in the EASA Regulation, which will oblige the Agency to adopt measures to prevent socio-economic factors from endangering aviation safety, as well as publish every three years a review of all measures taken to address such risks. It is an important step forward, which the piloting community in Europe fully supports. ”

ECA also welcomes other improvements adopted by the Committee, such as the amendments aimed at strengthening the coordination of safety oversight by the authorities and those that guarantee a separate review of the EU regulation. 1008/2008 as regards the prior approval of leasing operations with wet leasing services; to ensure that each cabin crew obtains a license; as well as specific amendments that prevent the exploitation of “Pay-to-Fly” schemes.

Source: Flynews

World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy presents a new course in Spanish for obtaining the European commercial helicopter pilot license

The Pilot School World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy opens the call for a new CPL (H) Integrated Helicopter Commercial Pilot course.

The course, with 350 hours of theoretical instruction and 135 hours of flight, is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and experience to obtain a European flight license that allows him to work as a professional Helicopter Pilot.

The course begins during the month of October in the training center of World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy at the Malaga-Costa del Sol International Airport, although it will also be carried out in training areas and additional classrooms in Marbella and Veléz-Málaga / La Axarquía . In this way, students will have the advantage of learning to operate in different aerodromes, from regional airports to a busy international airport. They will also be able to know the characteristic flight conditions of the Costa del Sol, including the flight in mountain areas. “Learn to fly or consolidate training as a helicopter pilot in the South of Spain provides a very complete experience for the student-pilot” says the commercial manager.

The duration of the CPL (H) Integrated Helicopter Commercial Pilot course is twelve and eighteen months. It includes theoretical instruction in classes from Monday to Friday, flight practices, manuals, fees and administrative management of the license as well as the corresponding type of qualification. “We carry out a very personalized training, the schedules of the classes are developed based on an established schedule but adapted to the needs of the future pilots, since we are aware of the need to be able to make the training compatible with other activities. At all times the students have the advice of our teachers “says Ville Laaksonen.

World Aviation Helicopters, the first company to offer tourist flights by helicopter on the Costa del Sol

The company World Aviation Helicopters is currently the only company to offer tourist flights by helicopter on the Costa del Sol, in this fantastic experience you can enjoy privileged views and landscapes, spectacular contrasts of one of the areas of greatest tourist interest in the world.

With a large team of professionals and a large fleet of helicopters, the company carries out tourist flights to the main Andalusian cities where the passenger can enjoy the charm of these and the towns and wonderful places of the routes that take us to them.

“Not only do we have flights to the main capitals of Andalusia, we also organize flights of a gastronomic nature such as a visit to Corteconcepción in Huelva and enjoy Jabugo, sports or cultural ham visiting the wineries of Jerez, the Ascari circuit or any of the Andalusian sports ports. We develop a unique tourism experience for our customers, “says Ville Laaksonen, World Aviation Group Commercial Director.

In just 45 minutes the traveler can be in such emblematic cities as Granada, Cordoba and Seville. In the tourist flight to Granada the itinerary begins bordering the Malaga coast and then fly over typical towns such as Antequera and Loja, Granada city, Sierra Nevada, the Alhambra etc. As well as the traditional and historic neighborhoods of the Albaicín and Sacromonte.

The landscape of Cordoba, where the largest mosque in Europe is located, classified as European Heritage, can enjoy the views of the Guadalquivir River, the Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter and the archaeological discovery of Medina-Azahara, among other points of interest, without forget the white villages and the extensive traditional olive groves. Visiting Seville through the sky is a wonder for the multitude of buildings that have a designation of Universal Heritage in addition to the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Alcazar or the Torre de Oro among other impressive views of the Andalusian capital.

World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy participates in the First Aerial Festival of Torre del Mar

World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy will participate in the First Aerial Festival of Torre del Mar, which will take place on 29, 30 and 31 July in Vélez Málaga. The first edition of the event places it as an attraction for aviation lovers on the Costa del Sol. The organization estimates attendance at more than 200,000 people.

The Air Festival will take place in five hours full of various activities such as the possibility of mounting on a F4 Phantom Air Force hunt, as well as aerial demonstrations of fighter aircraft, historic aircraft, helicopters, civil acrobatic patrols and the participation of the Patrol Eagle.

The program includes that the first day, July 29, will be at the Ingenio Shopping Center where the festival will begin; Saturday at the Aerodrome of the Axarquia will give way to the day of open doors and on Sunday 31 the air show will take place on the street Larios of Torre del Mar.

For Ville Laaksonen, Commercial Director of World Aviation Group “this festival helps to promote the activities and services related to the Andalusian aeronautical sector”. In addition, Laaksonen has stressed “that the aviation industry is one of the most development is having in our autonomous community, and there is a growing demand for specialized technicians and pilots.” That is why World Aviation Helicopter Flight Academy, is committed to training and is currently the only aeronautical training center approved by the authority to provide courses for bilingual helicopter pilots throughout Europe, based in Madrid and Malaga. Some of the courses that are taught are the Helicopter Private Pilot Course (PPL-H), Commercial Helicopter Pilot Course (CPL-H), Helicopter Airline Pilot Course (ATPL-H), ATPL-H + Instrumental Enabling (ATPL-H + IR) among others.